This privacy policy is part of the general privacy policy of and applies to the Shopify app Claw Crane: Gamified Discounts.

What data do we collect?

Your customer

  • We do not collect any of your customersā€™ data.
  • If you use the option to build your email list ..
    • we do not store your customersā€™ name, nor their email address on our servers.
    • we only forward your customersā€™ name and email address to Mailchimp or the respective service you have selected.

Your data

  • The only data we store is ..
    • Your storeā€™s address on the web (Example:
    • The settings your are typing into the settings page of the app (Example: Which discount codes to use, the colors to use in the app, ..)

How do we collect your data?

  • Your store address is transmitted by Shopify to us when you install the app.
  • Your settings are transmitted when you click on ā€œSaveā€ on the app settings.

How will we use your data?

  • Your storeā€™s address is used to associate the settings and the app installation with your store.
  • Your settings are used to customize the app experience for your customers.

How will se store your data?

We host our services with and our servers are located in:

  • Toronto, Canada (Shopify Apps)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (Backups for the purpose of restoring our servers in case of damage)

What are cookies (and local storage) and how do we use them?

Our apps use cookies and a similar feature called local storage. These features allow our apps to temporarily store data on your own and your customersā€™ browser.

We use these features ONLY for ..

  • Keeping you logged into the admin panel of our apps
    • We store a cookies in your webbrowser with which your browser can prove that he is eligible to use the admin panel.
  • Storing your customersā€™ state of the game on their computers
    • Example: Did he already win a prize? Did he maybe chose not to be bothered by the app?
    • When they leave your website, but later return, we can continue the game at that point.