This privacy policy is part of the general privacy policy of and applies to the software No Duplicate Issues: JIRA Cloud (or on the JIRA Marketplace).

What data is collected?

  • Settings: The values the user enters into the chrome extensions settings.

  • Feedback: The feedback you enter into the app.

  • All data originating in the Atlassian instance (e.g. issue content) is solely transferred from the Atlassian Instance into the user’s browser and does not leave that browser instance.

Where is the data transferred to and where is it stored?


The chrome extension “No Duplicate Issues > JIRA Cloud” does not collect or transfer any of your data outside of:

  • Your Atlassian Cloud Instance
  • The user’s browser where the chrome extension is installed (chrome storage)
  • The user’s google account and other chrome installations which are synchronized with that user’s google account


The feedback the user enters into the chrome extension is transferred through and

How is data stored in the user’s browser?

The data is stored in the user’s browser using the Chrome storage API.

How and when is the data transferred to Google? .. other Chrome installations of the user?

When the user is logged into his google account within his Chrome installation, the data is automatically synchronized to all other Chrome installations on other devices of that user.

For that purpose the Chrome Storage API automatically transfers the data via Google’s servers to reach the other Chrome installations.