Jira: Find Duplicate Issues, Similar Issues, New Tickets from Email replies

Finds & Points out Similar & Duplicate Issues

  • Automatically triages existing & new tickets
  • Red flag: Duplicates are highlighted in the issue sidebar before efforts are wasted
  • Similarity-score in %: Understand how relevant each duplicate is
  • AI/Machine Learning ensures a high accuracy (not just a JQL keyword search)
  • Data Privacy: None of your data is stored with us
  • Catches various types: True Duplicates, Similar Issues, New tickets created from email replies (e.g. cc’ed answers)

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Merge Issues Easily

  • Custom: Choose which fields to merge (e.g. description as comment, copy internal comments, move participants & watchers, transition status, ..)
  • Presets: Set up once how to merge issues of certain type, then reuse with one click
  • Automation [to be released]: Automatically merge new issues based on rules

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Jira: Merge Issues

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