Slide Slide Slide SHOPPING GUIDE PRO Build interactive shoppingguides to help your customers find the best matching product for their needs. What's in for my customers?, What's in for myself? GET SHOPPING GUIDE PRO!

What’s in for your customers?

Automatically find the right products, tailored to your customers’ needs.
  • Just one open browser window

    Did you ever end up juggling multiple browser windows with many tabs when buying something on the web?

    Your customer digs through many webpages to learn which features are important for certain products. Later the hunt accross various vendor pages begins, checking whether individual products offer the features he looks for.

    Let all of this instead be available to your customer as a single, smoothly integrated flow. The interactive shoppingguide advises your customer in the front, while our smart algorithm matches your customer’s feedback against your inventory in the back.

  • No manual steps: let us do the boring part

    Pull out a sheet of paper, fire up an Excel sheet and bore away: It is remarkably exhausting and boring to compare products when you have to do it on your own.

    Relieve your customers of this strain – let your shoppingguide keep track of what is wanted and wrap it up for him.

  • No doubts when buying a product

    Too many times the last step is the hardest: It is still hard to decide whether to buy or not.

    We give your customer the certainty of buying the right product by providing the scoring of how well products fit his needs. A detailed explaination which wanted features are or are not availabe on the product provide further evidence and guidance.

What’s in for you?

  • Extend your sales funnel

    Visitors first (1) research what’s to consider when buying a certain product, then (2) narrow down a list of candidates to those which match their needs, and lastly (3) they find a store which offers the best matching product for little money and make the buy.

    All three stages happen on various webpages all across the web. Most stores are at the end of this food chain and rely on their luck to be picked among their competitors during stage 3.

    Don’t rely on your luck – instead extend your sales funnel all across the buying process. This is how it works: Shopping guides attract vast amounts of visitors from stage (1), who are still looking for condensed information. Visitors moving from stage (1) to stage (2) will not hop off to other webpages, but stay in your store, since the interview conducted by ‘Shopping Guide Pro’ is a convenient way to narrow down all possible products to those who fit. When they have completed the interview, boom: With a list of top matching products based on the visitor’s needs we seamlessly enter stage (3) – the visitor can make the buy.

  • Be an authority in your niche and earn backlinks

    Informative, good content is one thing. But adding interactive product selection on top takes away a lot of pain and sole content turns pretty spectacular.

    Build a unique asset within your niche, it will not go unnoticed. References and backlinks will emerge as websites and bloggers will hint your guide to their readers.

  • Increase your conversions

    You may have decent traffic and attractive pricing, but at the end of the day it all comes down to whether your visitors hit the buy button or not. The catch: When visitors are not sure what to buy, they hop off!

    Your buyers guides will capture your visitors needs, score products accordingly and explain which features match and don’t match. This evidence builds trust and certainty to have identified the right procuct. This is what concludes the buy.

Get Shopping Guide Pro!

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Free – 39$ / month

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Evaluation Period
Unlimited, Free to maintain

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View Manual

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Shopping Guide Pro is free to try for an unlimited amount of time. You will only need to change to a paid plan, when finally releasing your shopping guides to the public. So, what’s holding you back? Start building your unique asset today!

Shopping Guide Pro is not yet released. However you are free to take part in the public beta test.