Shopping Guide Pro

Public Betatest

What is a public beta test?

In order to find any undiscovered issues within our new application we are conducting a public beta test. This means that any shopify store owner is invited to add the beta-version of ‘Shopping Guide Pro’ to his Shopify store and try out the unlimited version free of any charge. In turn, please ..

Please report any found issues.

Upon close of the betaphase you may migrate your shopping guide from the beta-version to the production-version of Shopping Guide Pro.

How to install Shopping Guide Pro?

Please fill in the URL of your shopify store below, which will create an installation link for you on the right side. An individual link is necessary, since Shopping Guide Pro is not yet publicly listed on the shopify appstore.

How to report an issue?

Register a new account at our bugtracker ‘Mantisbt’.

From now on you may report issues from within the bugtracker, or through the ‘Report Issue’ button within Shopping Guide Pro.

How to use Shopping Guide Pro?

Please refer to the user manual, which contains a detailed tutorial on how to set up your shoppingguide.